Rosberg understands the team's decision

Author of the article: , published March 24, 2013.

Mercedes racer Nico Rosberg says he fully understands why the team decided not to overtake teammate Lewis Hamilton. In the fight for third place, Rosberg managed to get past Hamilton for a moment, who later returned the favor, and then Ross Brawn repeatedly told the German to stay in his place and lag behind his British counterpart. Rosberg was disappointed with the decision, which he also expressed via radio during the race itself, but after the race was over and a conversation was held with the engineers and team management, he now understands why such a decision was made.

“It’s about the team’s effort,” Rosberg explained. “I respect the team’s decision. It was an important day for us. We haven’t been doing our best in recent years, so it’s a nice achievement for us to be in third and fourth place in the race and fighting Red Bull.

I fully understand that the team wanted him to contribute safely to the finish line in third and fourth place. I know that if the situation were the other way around, we would do the same. The times when Lewis and I will be able to fight for the city are yet to come. ”

Rosberg added that he will get his chance for the podium later in the season, and he does not intend to heat up today's events in the race in the future. “I won’t say they owe me because I understand them. They dedicate their lives to racing for Mercedes and the guys in the factory assembling these cars and they are very good at it. Of course the part in me wants to drive at full throttle to the end and stand on the podium, but the time for that is yet to come. “

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