Rosberg took her away unpunished

Author of the article: , published on June 30, 2013.

In the last part of the race in Silverstone, a safety car drove onto the track and Nico Rosberg managed to make a stop with less than a 20-second lead and return to then-second-placed Kimi Raikkonen, much to the surprise of Lotus during the race. The racer usually loses about 21 seconds in the import, stop and return to the track, so Raikkonen should have taken the lead at the last stop of Rosberg, which did not happen.

After the race, it turned out that Rosberg did not slow down enough during the safety car phase, allowing the club to return to the lead by a small margin, which allowed him to escape from Mark Webber, who quickly caught him in the last laps. but he ran out of a round or two for an attack and a possible takeover.

The penalty is controversial because of this, as Rosberg gained a key advantage by speeding. If he had to deal with Raikkonen after the restart, he would lose enough time for Mark Webber to catch him by the end of the race and probably overtake him. Despite the violation, the commissioners issued a reprimand to the Mercedes racer. Under the new rules, a racer gets a penalty of adding start points in the next race if he collects three reminders.

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