Rivola is satisfied with the system of concessions, but warns of rising costs

Author of the article: , published on December 1, 2023.

The new concessions system immediately after its introduction sparked many discussions within the racing paddock. At Ducati, for example, they agreed that it is necessary to offer certain benefits to the Japanese manufacturers Honda and Yamaha. On the other hand, they criticized the help to KTM and Aprilia.

The new system of concessions was greeted with satisfaction by those present, but the general manager of the Aprilia team, Massimo Rivola, warned of the increase in costs that it brings.

"With such a system, Dorna wants to ensure as equal a competition as possible. Basically this one is well designed, but I'm not entirely satisfied myself. More additional tests, wildcard appearances, used tires mean higher costs."

Aprilia is currently in the new concession system, as are KTM in the C category, which means they will have 220 tires available for testing and the right to six wildcard appearances.

"The teams are properly divided based on success. However, I think that we should focus on spending as little resources as possible, and the costs will only increase with this system. This is especially true for the teams that will now be able to do more testing."

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