Rins: A Yamaha motorcycle is not like a Suzuki

Author of the article: , published on December 1, 2023.

After the first test of the Yamaha motorcycle, Alex Rins denied that it was similar to the Suzuki.

The Spaniard competed for the Suzuki team from his debut in the elite class in 2017 until the end of last season, when the Japanese manufacturer decided to leave MotoGP. This season he played for the LCR Honda team.

Despite the fact that he took care of Honda's only victory of the season in Austin, he decided to terminate his two-year contract and transferred to Yamaha.

At the first test in Valencia, he completed 54 laps with the new motorcycle and was 1,3 seconds behind the fastest in nineteenth place.

Most expected that he would quickly get used to the new motorcycle, as it was supposed to be very similar to the Suzuki, which also used an in-line engine.

"This motorcycle is very different from Suzuki's."

He answered how the first test went:

"It was very good for the first time. I was already quite sovereign with a motorcycle. In the morning I rode the bike with the same settings that Fabio had in the race. So I tried to ride as many laps as possible in order to adapt to the motorcycle as well as possible and find the right position. In the second part, we tested a new framework."

“Yamaha brought two different frames. One was much better than standard. I was satisfied with the course of the test itself."

As he added, the Yamaha motorcycle is much quieter than he expected. The biggest difference between the in-line and the V4 engine is supposed to be aerodynamics.

"The biggest difference between motorcycles at the moment is not whether they use an in-line V4 engine, but in aerodynamics. This is key in how the motorcycle behaves in turns. I was using a stock frame in the morning and had quite a bit of trouble lifting the front wheel in the wind. When I tried the second frame, it was less and the driving through the turns was also better."

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