After qualifying in Brno, Rins realized that Marquez considered him a serious competitor

Author of the article: , published on May 30, 2020.

Last year's qualifications for the Czech GP left behind a lot of bad will. There was a complication when in the last attempt for a quick lap Marc Marquez obstructed Alex Rins, who was in a fast lap and with good intermediate times close to a good result.

Alex Rins did not remain indebted to him and the engine swung hard towards Marquez and there would almost be a fall. There was a lot of talk about it even after the qualifiers but things quickly calmed down.

Rins said he realized at the time that Marquez considered him a very serious competitor, as he only hindered him and not Jack Miller in front of him. “Marc only has in mind how good he is and doesn’t pay much attention to other racers. Last season at the race in Brno I was in a fast lap Marc saw me but he didn’t want to let me pass in two turns. That’s when I realized that Marc considers me a strong competitor, ”Rins said.

The race in Silverstone was then special for Rins, as he overtook Marco Marquez to win at the starting finish line and in a way took revenge on him for this event in Brno. "I like the fact that he considers me a competitor, because we know what Marquez means at the moment in MotoGP and it gives me the feeling that I am doing well and I can continue to do so."

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