Rins: I have to change something

Author of the article: , published March 27, 2024.

Alex Rins said he needs to change his approach a bit if he wants to speed up his adaptation to the Yamaha motorcycle. Copying Fabio Quartararo's settings did not bring the desired results.

The Spaniard finished thirteenth in his race for Yamaha in Portimao, six places behind team-mate Fabio Quartararo. Despite the improvement compared to the first race in Qatar, which he finished without points in sixteenth place, he was still not satisfied with his performance. In order to get used to the Yamaha motorcycle faster, he was inspired by Fabio Quartararo's settings, but now he has realized that he will have to change this approach a bit in order to improve his results.

"It was a very demanding race," Rins told reporters after Sunday's event.

"The first two races with Yamaha did not go according to my expectations. I need to focus more on myself. We've changed some things on the bike, but we're still largely copying Fabio Quartararo's setup. After the end of this race, I realized that we have to change something on the bike, because I had similar problems as in Qatar."

"The biggest problem was with the front part, when I can't lean the motorcycle as I would like during acceleration. This is more due to the settings than my position on the motorcycle. Halfway through the race I changed my driving style a bit, but that didn't bring the desired result."

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