Ricciardo “too wide” for the Red Bull

Author of the article: , published September 1, 2013.


Daniel Ricciardo, who is one of the possible racers to replace the outgoing Mark Webber at Red Bull next season, has admitted that he would have a hard time squeezing into the cockpit of the RB10.

Adrian Newey is known for shaping the middle of the car as narrowly as possible (David Coulthard and Alex Wurz had similar problems with McLarn's revolutionary but never driven MP4-18 years ago), and Ricciardo is said to have slightly wider hips than Sebastian Vettl and Mark Webber, after whom the Red Bull race car for the 2010 season is tailored.

“The problem is not in my backside,” the 24-year-old Australian explained. “Already when I came to Toro Ross I had to measure the seat a few times, and in the team they made this part of the cabin a bit wider, so much so that I didn’t have to sit right on the carbon fiber bottom. I can't do much about it. Even if I start a diet, the bones in my hips will not narrow. ”

Ricciardo, however, said his hips will not ruin the dream of moving to the currently best team in Formula One. "There is no chance, I would have my hips sharpened for that. He might die of blood loss afterwards, but it would be well worth it, ”joked the Australian, who, according to some media, has already issued some hints that Webber's seat is already his. “Of course, which I will immediately admit to you. I moved to Monaco last week, ”said Ricciardo, who has lived in the UK for the past five years. The media believes that his move to a tax haven is an obvious sign that the 24-year-old's income will increase significantly in the future.

“Until something is signed, I will not be too happy. However, if there is no signing, I will not commit suicide because of that, ”Ricciardo said at the end.

Photos: Red Bull

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