Red Bull with Ferrari engines?

Author of the article: , published September 7, 2015.

Rumors of Renault's withdrawal from Formula One are getting louder, although it is not yet clear whether they will withdraw completely or continue the 2016 season with their own team. So from one extreme to another. Due to this uncertainty, they want a more stable partner, especially at Red Bull. They have already talked to Mercedes, but it does not want to supply engines to a team that has the resources and capabilities to beat them.

Talks with Ferrari were also denied by Horner, who said: “We didn't talk to Maurizio, at least not about that. We have an agreement with Renault, but I can't tell you anything else, at least not yet. " Unofficially, Red Bull is supposed to address a Letter of Termination to Renault, which is what Renault is supposed to want anyway.

However, Ferrari is already supplying their V6 units to Sauber and Manor, but as said, they have no problem equipping Red Bull and Arrivabene: “Red Bull has big names like Adrian Newey, which makes many people believe that they can overnight they make a great chassis around our engine to be immediately competitive with. My team knows how to handle things, so we have no reason to be afraid of them, but we gladly accept a stronger competitor.

That doesn’t mean we’re going to give them engines tomorrow morning, I just don’t see a problem with supplying them. Competitors should not be afraid, this is not the true sporting spirit that Ferrari values. We fight with everyone. ”

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