Red Bull will try something new in Spain

Author of the article: , published on May 31, 2023.

The Red Bull team confirmed that, according to many, the most dominant car of this year's F1 season will receive a package of innovations at the next race.

The news was released by team consultant Helmut Marko, who told OE24: "We will try something new in Barcelona." It is not yet known what innovations we will see on the RB19 racing car, but there will be quite a few of them on other racing cars as well.

At Ferrari, they have already prepared a new rear wheel suspension for the race in Imola, but since the race was cancelled, they will use the innovation for the first time in Montmelo this weekend.

Even at Mercedes, where they performed for the first time in Monaco with the new sides of the W14 racing car and the front suspension of the wheels, they will add some new parts in Spain, and the same is expected at Aston Martin.

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