Red Bull: Verstappen was close to victory in Singapore

Author of the article: , published September 18, 2023.

Christian Horner, boss of the Red Bull Racing team, believes that the timing of the arrival of the safety car is unfavorable for his racer GP of Singapore cost a record eleven consecutive victories.

The Red Bull team experienced the worst race of this season in Singapore, where Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were eliminated in the second part of qualifying, and they recorded a modest fifth and eighth place in the race.

Verstappen, who started the race from eleventh place, showed solid speed when he fitted the medium hard tires to the car, and Horner believes that without the safety car break, the reigning world champion could have even won the race. "Simulations before the race showed us seventh place," he revealed. “But that would have been in a standard race, and if we had run a standard race, with the help of Carlos holding off the riders behind him, Max would have caught the lead by the end of the race. If we subtract the advantage of the leaders due to the "free" stop, Max would be in the game."

Horner rejects speculation that Red Bull's form has fallen at the expense of the new one technical directives regarding the bendable wings and the bottom of the racing car, because the racing car was much more similar to itself in the race itself than in the qualifications. "During the race, we better understood what was happening and the speed of the racing car was more similar to expectations. We expected to have more work here, but the difference on Friday surprised us. I think we just haven't found the right setting window, especially for a single round. If you fail to do this, the tire feel is terrible and the car just doesn't work.

We started the race well in eighth and Max was, especially in the last part of the race, very, very strong."

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