Red Bull threatened to exit Formula 1

Author of the article: , published March 24, 2014.

Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of the Red Bull energy drink brand and owner of the Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso teams, was overwhelmed after the disqualification of Daniel Ricciard from the Australian Grand Prix. The Austrian pointed out that Red Bull is not infinitely attached to this sport, so he can leave it whenever he wants.

“The fact is that the umbrella organization’s sensor has been giving us erroneous measurements since the start of winter testing,” Mateschitz explained. "We can prove that we were within the limits of the fuel flow."

The Austrian explained that Red Bull could leave Formula One not only if the performance no longer made economic sense, but also if the sport turned its back on certain values ​​and if politics prevailed in it. “There is a limit to which we are willing to suffer all this,” warned Mateschitz, who is very dissatisfied with the smaller, quieter and more efficient powertrains. "Formula One should be what it used to be - the ultimate racing series," said the 69-year-old Austrian.

“The goal of Formula One is not to set a new record in low fuel consumption, or to be able to talk in whispers during a race and the squeak of tires is the biggest excitement. In my opinion, it is completely absurd that race cars are a second slower this year than last year and that lower-end GP2 cars, made with only a fraction of the money, are almost as fast as Formula One cars. ”

Despite the dissatisfaction, however, the owner of Red Bull says his team will not yet throw a rifle into the corn in the hunt for the Mercedes team. “We work hard day and night with our partner Renault and in two to three weeks we will take a big step forward. There are 18 more races until the end of the season and we will definitely return to the top, ”he promised.

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