Red Bull also formally appealed

Author of the article: , published March 20, 2014.

The Red Bull Racing team has filed a formal complaint against the exclusion of Daniel Ricciard from the race for the Australian Grand Prix. The current champions had until noon today to decide on the appeal, when the deadline for submitting all the necessary materials expired.

Ricciardo finished the race in second place, but was disqualified from the final standings by the commissioners, as his RB10 was said to consume more than the allowed 100kg of fuel per hour during the race, and the team did not respond to calls from the race management responded as consumption was recorded via injectors that inject fuel into the engine's combustion chamber, further violating the rules.

At Red Bull, they reiterated that they did not break the rules and insist that they relied on their sensor or method of measuring fuel flow because they found out in free training that the sensor offered to the team by the FIA ​​does not work accurately and if handled according to the FIE sensor, they would be damaged as less fuel would flow into the engine.

Evidence of this is also the data of the Renault engine supplier, which recorded the data on the amount of fuel injected into the engine at all times via the standard engine control unit (which is the same in all racing cars, regardless of the manufacturer). that the Austrian team's race car did not actually exceed the strictly planned consumption of 100 kg / h during the race.

Their case will be heard by an international tribunal of five judges. The date of the court hearing will only be announced.

Photos: Red Bull

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