Red Bull penalized

Author of the article: , published April 14, 2013

At Red Bull, they received a small fine for them, but nevertheless a fine of € 5.000, as they first called Marko Webber to the pits and then released him back on the track despite the danger. The Australian had to drive very slowly in the next lap and even lost the rear right tire in one of the turns. The tire would have been nearly hit by at least three other racers, but anyway, the matter was very dangerous, prompting the FIA ​​to award the said fine to Red Bull.

Team boss Christian Horner has not yet commented on the matter, as he says until the car is thoroughly inspected, they cannot say what went wrong. It should be mentioned that Webber was very disappointed with the Chinese racing weekend, as the team did not refuel him on Saturday, but today he was left without points and as a result of the collision he will lose five places at the start in Bahrain after qualifying.

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