Red Bull in Melbourne with an improved race car

Author of the article: , published March 11, 2014.

Due to the crisis, Red Bull in Melbourne will be much less different than initially expected.

This is the claim of current world champion Sebastian Vettl, although the Germans did not expect to be competitive this weekend after such a disastrous winter.

“We’re in comics such car improvement processes can happen. In Melbourne, however, we will see how far we are actually from the competition, ”said Welt.

Jean-Michel Jalinier said that Renault's engine will not really be in a position to win, but Renault expects significant changes after three to five races.

“They also work hard at Red Bull. The car we will be using in Melbourne will be the same from the tests only from the outside, but there will be changes inside. It is difficult to say where we are, but we are certainly not the favorites to win, ”added Vettel.

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