Red Bull has revealed the reason for the double resignation in Bahrain

Author of the article: , published March 24, 2022.

Red Bull has already revealed the reason for the resignation of both of their racers at the Bahrain race. After suspecting that it was a malfunction of the fuel pumps, they now found out that it was another problem with the fuel supply.

Helmut Marko, consultant Red Bull Racing, is for German colleagues from Auto Bild Motorsport said: “To present in an easy way. The vacuum in the fuel supply system led to the engine running out of fuel. I think we will be able to solve this problem already for the racing weekend of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix."

Speculationto be at Red Bull poured into the car too little fuel and that they are Max Verstappen in Sergio Perez therefore resigned just before the end of the race, the Austrian categorically denies. “Without giving exact numbers, I can say that there was still enough fuel in both race cars.“But mentioned vacuum not due to a motor partner problem Honda. The background lies in the fact that it is fuel system consisting in part of standardized parts. Bosch manufactures high pressure pump for fuel and fuel pipes, Magneti Marelli so called fuel pump. Apparently because of concerns FIA gave all teams special permission on Saturday to check the fuel pumps.

In addition to eliminating the defect in the Bahrain Grand Prix race, the Red Bull is also working on an incredibly powerful Ferrari engine, which should have an advantage of even 0,4 seconds per lap - Photo: HB Press

In fact, you can Red Bull despite the double zero from the opening race of the season positive aspects. "We were basically fast enough. However, at the crucial moment, we could not sum up the potential. In Saudi Arabia, we will attack victory again.“But is it really that easy? From the circles Red Bull Racing German colleagues have learned that he has Ferrari decisive advantage in engine. "They have not only small advantages, but very many,”Is said in the garage Red Bull Racing. Engine team from Maranella supposed to give the round an advantage to 0,4 seconds, so assumptions. And that’s huge, especially considering the track is in Jedi mainly composed of planes.

At the same time, another piece of information is nicely reflected Bahrain, where five of the six race cars, powered by Ferrari engine, occupied places between the top ten. Thesis around the new Ferrari's mega engine is also supported by other information such as German colleagues learned from the team environment Alfa Romeo.     

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