Red Bull Cups found in the lake

Author of the article: , published on December 16, 2014.

Police confirmed they found some 20 trophies in Lake Horseshoe that had been stolen from the Red Bull team’s team factory.

Ten days ago, an unknown six drove their car through the front door of the reception desk of the Red Bull factory in Milton Keynes, and stole more than 60 replicas of trophies from the shop window. Twenty of these were spotted by a walker in the lake and reported to police.

“The fact that a few trophies were damaged and thrown into the lake is just a testament to how pointless this crime was,” Red Bull team boss Christian Horner commented on the finding. “Cups are invaluable for the team, and their material value is small. We hope to return the trophies to the factory where they belong, and make new copies for those we can't find, ”added Horner.

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