Red Bull will prepare its three-day testing

Author of the article: , published on June 24, 2013.


The Red Bull team "threatens" to skip the test of young racers in Silverstone and prepare a private three-day test, in order to express even more clearly their dissatisfaction with the decision of the court in Paris, which issued a warning to Mercedes for secret testing despite the violation. ban on testing young racers.

Both Red Bull and Ferrari are preparing an uprising against the International Automobile Federation, as both teams believe that the penalty for the German team was too lenient. Red Bull has sent a letter to the court proposing that Silver Arrows be fined a hundred million dollars, as McLaren paid years ago in a spy affair, and that 150 construction points be taken away from them. Ferrari and Red Bull also filed an official protest in Monaco, which then led to a hearing, and both teams also expressed their dissatisfaction to Bernie Eccleston. The teams stated that "it pays to risk a warning like the one Mercedes received, but if you can test for three days in return."

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