Red Bull accepted McLarn's apology

Author of the article: , published March 23, 2013.


After inspecting the control unit from Mark Webber's car, McLarn found that a fault in the unit's software had spoiled the Australian's preparations for the start. They have already apologized to the Red Bull team for this, but Christian Horner, the head of the Red Bull Racing team, claims that they still haven't solved all the problems, but they will work with McLaren technicians to try to solve all the problems.

“I haven’t talked about mistakes with other teams yet,” Horner said. “It’s a complex program, but unfortunately it’s the way we bought this product and therefore we expect it to work smoothly. An apology from McLaren is a nice gesture. We accepted the apology, but most importantly, our problems in Melbourne serve as an example.

We drove with this control unit for the first time last year, on testing young racers, where it caused a huge amount of problems. At MES (McLaren Electronic Systems) they are committed to solving these problems and the vast majority have. What frustrates us the most is that our start in Melbourne suffered due to a mistake, ”added Horner.

McLarn’s control unit, used by all Formula One race cars, cut off the racers ’connection to the race management, making it impossible for commissioners to send track status notifications in Australia, nor to automatically deactivate the moving DRS rear wing in the event of an accident or rain. The problems have also recurred in Malaysia

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