Razia: I would race for free

Author of the article: , published on November 1, 2013.

Luiz Razia, a Brazilian who is expected to take his first season in Formula One with Marussia this year, but was stopped by financial difficulties, told Kimi Raikkonen on Twitter that he should stay at home and wait for his money, meanwhile. when he, like many other racers, would drive for free.

Finn Kimi Raikkonen revealed in Abu Dhabi that Lotus, despite many successes and even victories in the first race of the season, did not pay him a single cent this season. Lotus thus owes him around 18 million and Raikkonen has threatened the bosses that he will not take part in the last two races at all, especially when they have stated that he is not a team player despite his unfulfilled financial obligations.

“Kimi, I would race in Austin and Brazil for free, so stay home and wait for your money. So do many other racers, ”Razia wrote on his Twitter account.

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