Raikkonen surprising winner of the first race of the year

Author of the article: , published March 17, 2013.

Kimi Raikkonen started the race in seventh place, and Lotus used two-stop tactics that worked out in the best possible way. The Finn won and confirmed the speed of the E21 lotus. Fernando Alonso in Ferrari was second with ten seconds behind the Finn, and Red Bull Sebastian Vettel stepped on the lowest podium.

Vettel started the race very well and kept the lead. Felipe Massa overtook Mark Webber on the inside and thus broke through to second place. Fernando Alonso also overtook Hamilton on the inside before the sixth turn and immediately started attacking Felipe Masso.
Webber dropped to fifth place. He was overtaken by Raikkonen, who broke through to fourth place in the third lap, two seconds behind Ferrari.

In the sixth lap, Mark Webber had already driven to a stop, followed by Grosjean. Massa and Alonso narrowed the gap behind Vettl during this time, with Raikkonen following them by two seconds behind.

In the seventh lap, Vettel also drove into the pits, so Massa took the lead, who drove to the stop a lap later. The Brazilian returned to the track for Vettl and Maldonado. Another lap later, Alonso and Raikkonen drove to change tires. They both returned to the track behind Massa, in front of Maldonado. The latter left the door open for Kimi after he drove too wide in the first turn and was carried to the grass.

The Mercedes racers stayed on super-soft tires three or four laps longer than the others, thus losing somewhere around two seconds per lap in the interim lead. After their stop, Adrian Sutil led Force India in the race, half a second behind him was Vettel.

Sutil drove with the first set of tires for a very long time, but apparently without any major problems, while keeping Vettl a bit, bringing both Ferraris and Raikkonen closer to him. Vettel failed to attack him and in the 22nd lap the Force India racer drove to his first stop. He was followed into the pits by Vettel. Alonso drove a lap earlier on his stop and thus managed to gain some advantage, thus overtaking both Vettl and Sutil after their stop. Massa changed tires two laps later and returned to the track behind Alonso, Vettl and Sutil.

in the 24th round, Raikkonen led, Hamilton was second, followed by teammate Rosberg, followed by Alonso, Vettel, Sutil, Massa, di Resta, Vergne and Webber.

In the 27th lap, Alonso and his followers managed to get closer to Rosberg, who had to resign in the fifth turn with a fault in the electrical wiring on his Mercedes W04.

In the 32nd round, Alonso and Hamilton staged a minor showdown. The Spaniard overtook the Mercedes racer in the penultimate turn, but at the end of the lap he drove into the pits anyway, after his front wheel was strongly blocked. During this time, Vettl managed to nullify Alonso's advantage of two and a half seconds.

Alonso again gained a five-second lead over Vettl by lap 37. Sutil closely followed the Red Bull racer, and Massa made another stop in that lap. Kimi Raikkonen had driven to his stop three laps earlier, but the Finn had planned a stop less. Vettel boxed the lap later, followed by Button and Grosjean, who fought each other for eighth place.

Alonso’s lead in the 39th lap was ten seconds ahead of Sutil, with Raikkonen trailing by four seconds. At the end of the lap, Alonso went for a tire change and drove onto the track in front of Vettl and Massa.

In the 44th lap, Raikkonen attacked and overtook Sutil for the lead. Alonso was about four seconds behind in third place at the moment. Vettel was fourth, six seconds behind Alonso, and Massa three seconds behind Vettl. After his stop, Hamilton was sixth, followed by Vergne, Webber, di Resta and Button. Grosjean was eleventh, just seconds behind Buttn.

In the fourth turn of the 46th lap, Alonso managed to overtake Sutil and is now chasing Raikkonen, who escaped to 4.5 seconds. Sutil drove the lap after that to change tires. He put on super-soft tires for the last 11 laps and returned to the track ahead of Massa in fifth place.

In the 53rd lap, Raikkonen took the lead with a six-second lead over Alonso, leaving Vettel seven seconds behind. Massa was fourth, followed by Hamilton, Webber and Sutil, who had a lot of trouble with the completely destroyed super-soft tires.

Until the finish line, the order did not change, and in the penultimate lap, Kimi Raikkonen drove the fastest lap in the race, thus emphasizing the dominant form.

Unofficial results of the Australian GP:

  Racer Team Hour


Kimi Räikkönen Lotus



Fernando Alonso Ferrari



Sebastian Vettel Red Bull



Felipe Massa Ferrari



Lewis Hamilton Mercedes



Mark Webber Red Bull



Adrian Sutil Force India

+ 1: 05.068


Paul di Resta Force India

+ 1: 08.449


Jenson Button McLaren

+ 1: 21.630


Romain Grosjean Lotus

+ 1: 22.759


Sergio Perez McLaren

+ 1: 23.367


Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso

+ 1: 23.857


Esteban Gutierrez Clean

+1 laps


Valtteri Bottas Williams

+1 laps


Jules Bianchi Marussia

+1 laps


Charles Pic Caterham

+2 Laps


Max Chilton Marussia

+2 Laps


Giedo van der Garde Caterham

+2 Laps



Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso

+19 Laps


Nico Rosberg Mercedes

+32 Laps


Pastor Maldonado Williams

+34 Laps


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