Raikkonen does not understand criticism at the expense of tires

Author of the article: , published April 18, 2013


Lotus racer Kimi Raikkonen is not among those criticizing this year’s tires supplied by Pirelli to Formula One caravans. Some racers and teams claim that this year’s tire mixes are not durable enough, so they can’t drive at the border as they would like. But Raikkonen says he sees no problem in that. “You can press on these tires, but it’s never all the way you’d like it to be. You can't drive at full speed all the time. I think these tires are very good for qualifying. They offer a lot of grip, so it’s all up to the racer who needs to pay a little more attention to them during the race. It’s basically no different than last year, at least as far as we’re concerned, so I really don’t understand why some are complaining, ”Raikkonen said.

The Lotus boss added that Formula One got the tires it wanted. “We have all asked the tire supplier Pirelli to offer us tires that will encourage different tactics and adapting to this is part of the competition. We’ve seen some great racing this year and some credit for that goes to Pirelli. We all get the same tires, so we, the teams and the racers, are in the race cars to make the most of them. ”

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