Raikkonen: Every quick lap is a fight

Author of the article: , published on May 11, 2014.

The flying Finn won a place in front of his teammate in yesterday's qualifiers, but he himself says that every fast lap is a torment for him: “It is really very difficult, because I fight with a race car non-stop to succeed in a fast lap. There are always a lot of minor problems, little things that make it hard to drive fast, which makes it very difficult to put together a fast lap.

I try hard not to make a mistake, but that’s very difficult with this race car. It’s a disappointment for us to finish qualifying in sixth or seventh place, but sometimes that’s a real miracle. We are not satisfied, but we are at least going in the right direction. "

The Finn finished yesterday's qualifiers ahead of Alonso, but he is not satisfied with that: "Being ahead of Alonso is definitely a goal, because you have to beat your teammate first, only then aim for higher places, but sixth or seventh place is not a success for us. we can fight for the traps, but it will be very difficult, but not impossible. "

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