Raikkonen's crazy Audi RS6 is for sale - for a crazy price

Author of the article: , published on October 30, 2019.

Kimi Raikkonen he is known both in the world of Formula 1 and in the world of rally. The Finn won the world title with Ferrari in 2007 and has an enviable collection of steel (and carbon) horses in his garage. But there will be no more of them now Audija RS6 year 2014, which in the factory specification with a 4-liter V8 engine via four-wheel drive to the ground transferred 552 horsepower and accelerated to 3.9km / h in just 100 seconds.

After a professional procedure (installation of a BSR tuning chip), an incredible 680 horsepower was extracted from the eight-cylinder, and acceleration to 100km / h is expected to take less than three seconds. If you, as a potential new owner, are bothered by the extra power, disassembling the chip should be a fairly straightforward process.

The RS6 is for sale on 22-inch wheels Vossen, and has 69.000 kilometers, and you get all this for 125.000 euros. It should be noted that the car is sold in Finland, where the price, given the higher taxes, is not so excessive.

Audi had two other owners before Raikkonen, and when it was bought by the F1 star, it was valued at 228.000 euros. The car is sold in the Finnish version of ours Car Net, NettiAuto.

Photo: net car