Racers without warning lights in the cockpits

Author of the article: , published March 16, 2013.


The FIA ​​reported that a technical malfunction had severed the connection between the race cars and the race management. This means that racers will again have to rely only on warning flags to be hung by the judges during the race, as the warning lights that light up when the flags are hung will not work in the cockpits.

In addition to the flags, the race management will not be able to deactivate the use of the movable rear wing of the DRS. The use of the DRS will be allowed after two laps in the event of a dry race, but the FIA ​​will not be able to disable its use in the event of yellow flags or rain. Teams will have to warn their racers themselves in case of such situations that use is not allowed.

The International Automobile Federation commented that they would do their best to provide the teams with as much information as possible.

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