Presentations of racing cars

Author of the article: , published January 30, 2016.

Presentations of racing cars - As usual for the period at the end of January, this year we also receive confirmations from the teams for the presentations of racing cars. Finally, the new Haas F1 Team announced its message, which, like Marussia, will unveil its new car on February 22, ie. on the day of the start of the first pre-season tests. Dates for the other three teams are also known. It will be interesting to see what they prepare at Ferrari as well they predict quite a few changes. When the new 667 will see the light of day is not yet officially known, and Italian sources claim it will be unveiled on February 19th.

The team         Chassis (drive unit) Date(s)  location
Red Bull RB12 (TAG Heuer) February 17 (color scheme only) London, United Kingdom
McLaren MP4-31 (Honda) February 21 on the Web
Haas - (Ferrari) February 22 Barcelona, ​​Hotel Spain
Marussia - (Mercedes) February 22 Barcelona, ​​Hotel Spain
Clean C35 (Ferrari) March 1 Barcelona, ​​Hotel Spain

Photos: Balazs Gardi

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