Quartararo: The opening rounds of the race without grip are a real disaster

Author of the article: , published April 4, 2022

Fabio Quartararo optimistically expected a good result in the race after good performances in free practice and the morning warm-up. The Frenchman showed a very good rhythm with used tires. Still, he failed to pass that on to the race.

After the introductory rounds, which he described as a real disaster, he slipped from sixth to thirteenth. In addition to the already known lack of final speed of his Yamaha M1, this time he had a lot of problems due to the lack of grip on the rear tire.

“The biggest problem today was our final speed and extremely poor grip on the rear tire. We knew for the first time that we would have such problems with grip, but we were surprised, ”the Frenchman admitted after the race.

“In the introduction, I was losing city after city. When I saw how much we were losing in the sixth turn where it was just about acceleration and key grip it was really uncomfortable. The first rounds were such a nightmare for me. "

In the continuation of the race, when there was more rubber on the track and consequent grip, the current world champion gained a few places back. He finished the race in eighth place, ten seconds behind the winner.

“As soon as there was more rubber on the track, I became competitive. But the lack of top speed makes overtaking extremely difficult. ”

"What annoys me the most is the fact that I lost a lot in the introduction just because of the lack of grip and not because of any mistakes."

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