Desert Challenge: Resident eighth on the first stage

Author of the article: , published April 6, 2014

The first stage served with a 408-kilometer-long, navigationally demanding test. Miran Stanovnik took sixth place at the third checkpoint and finished eighth. Sam Sunderland wins the first stage ahead of Marco Como (both KTM) and Paolo Goncalves (Honda).

The first stage of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Rally was 408 kilometers long, and the 290-kilometer speed test included all the elements of challenging inertia rallies. “Today’s stage was very varied and diverse. In some areas we drove at very high speeds of over 170 kilometers per hour, and there was also a lot of navigational difficulty overcoming the dunes. In this part, I kept pace with the fastest competitors for a while, but then wasted the opportunity for an even higher ranking by falling in the soft sand, "commented the eighth-ranked Miran Stanovnik on the first stage, which took the competitors to the Liwa oasis.

He was preceded by Sam Sunderland, Marc Coma (both from the KTM factory team), Paolo Goncalves, Joan Barreda (both from the Honda factory team), Jordi Viladoms, Mark Grams and Kuba Przygonski.

Tomorrow’s stage will be the longest at this year’s Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Rally with 487 kilometers and a 269-kilometer speed test.



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