At Red Bull, they are concerned

Author of the article: , published March 8, 2013.

Marc Surer, a German Formula One commentator, claims that the faces of Red Bull leaders have shown concern after the latest tests in Barcelona. “At Red Bull, they were worried. They were two seconds away from the Mercedes, which is a lot, even though Vettel was driving with a lot of fuel, ”Surer said in an interview with T-Online. “They were also surprised by the speed of the Ferrari, but they were even more surprised by the Mercedes,” claims Surer.

But what could go wrong with Red Bull if the rules haven’t changed much since last year? “At first, Red Bull didn’t want to test new parts so the competition couldn’t copy them,” Surer is convinced. “But in the last tests, when they tested them, they didn’t work the way they expected. The car was no faster than before. ”

Alternatively, they are hiding their potential at Red Bull, so Niki Lauda, ​​a shareholder and board member of Mercedes-Benz, has left much more room for predictions. “I am overjoyed that we have shown in recent tests that we are fast. However, I am also aware that the test results do not carry much weight, as we do not know to what extent other teams have bluffed. ”

Lauda, ​​of course, also allows for the possibility that Red Bull’s advantage has simply melted away, at the expense of better rival development. “Everyone is pretty much equal because there haven’t been big changes to the rules,” Lauda believes. “If you have a slow race car, you try to catch the best. Last year, Red Bull had a race car that was developed to the very limits of the rules, so they had much less room for improvement. We have a good race car, there is no doubt about that, ”said the Austrian. “But how good we are compared to Red Bull we will only see in the first race,” he added.

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