At McLarn worried about endurance

Martin Whitmarsh
Author of the article: , published March 12, 2013.

Martin Whitmarsh admitted that the endurance of the McLaren MP4-28 is in question, but this is common with all new race cars: “With a new race car, you can never know for sure. You usually work on making it faster, lighter, more aerodynamically fit, and the like. The car is also being worked on on a new platform to ensure development. In any case, you come to the first race with questions about endurance, because you don't have many kilometers behind you yet. "

In addition to questions about the new car, Martin also mentioned the technical problems that plagued him last year: “We worked with Mercedes-Benz on some improvements, as we had quite a few problems last year (Hamitlon resigned from the leadership in Singapore and Abu Dhabi). I believe that we are active enough in all areas and that we are constantly improving, which makes the car more durable, and we do not interfere too much in other areas. However, we risked something by changing last year's car, as we ended the season with the fastest car. "

The head of the McLaren team believes that the development of last year's car would be much faster and more successful than a completely new one, but the question is how long: “We have a new season ahead of us, ie nineteen new races. Development would be really faster at first with last year's car, but soon we would run out of ideas, for which we needed a new basic, which we will develop to the last. "

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