At Marussii found 3 seconds!

Author of the article: , published on May 13, 2014.

Max Chilton and the Marussia team were surprised today, as the Englishman achieved the fastest time of the day, which was three seconds better than his best time in the qualifications for the Spanish Grand Prix, which took place on the same track two days ago.

Chilton explained that they achieved so much better time just by improving the settings, which means that only with better settings could the Marussie race car even start in fourth place at the start in Spain, ahead of Valtteri Bottas with Williams, who is in the last part on Saturday qualifiers set a time of 1: 26.632.

"We have a successful day ahead of us. The fact that we finished it as the fastest is an additional bonus, ”said Chilton. “We have been improving all day and the fact that we have improved the car so much with the settings is a very big step from what we were able to do in the race two days ago.

The conditions were quite difficult in the morning. A few times my bikes were blocked and I drove into the sand. But in any case, it is good to have some experience with such conditions, as we have quite a few races ahead of us, where it may come in handy.

After the lunch break, when the weather improved, we started working on perfecting the settings. We ran the program step by step and we were able to confirm all the conclusions we drew from the race and we can be very pleased that we have brought the car to this level.

We have one more day of testing left and I think we will be able to leave Barcelona much stronger, ”added Chilton, who will hand over the car to his teammate Jules Bianchi tomorrow.

Photos: Marussia

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