Porsche LMP1 for 2014

Author of the article: , published on June 12, 2013.

Porsche has unveiled a new 24-hour Le Mans race car that is ready prematurely for the first time in 16 years. The hybrid car was put on the test track in Weissach today by the German car manufacturer, where it was driven by factory racer Timo Bernhard. The car, of course, meets all the new standards adopted by the organizers of the World Endurance Racing Championship, and Porsche predicts that the car will be seen in a serious test as early as July.

Porsche's leader for the LMP1 program, Fritz Enzinger, said: "We finished well ahead of schedule, but our work does not end here. In front of us is a very complex race car that we need to understand well. Of course, we will have quite some time to get to know the operation of all the parts. So we have a new challenge ahead of us, for which we will prepare well. "

Of course, Bernhard was also satisfied with the car, saying: “I am very pleased that I was the first to drive our child on the track. I have a good feeling, because the car drives well, and now I'm looking forward to testing its performance with Romain Dumas. ”Porsche has not yet released the name or any technical details of the new car, it is clear that the engine will be petrol. .

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