Poglajen, Lodi and Trček new champions!

Author of the article: , published September 18, 2013.

With the last event of this year's domestic circuit speed championship, which took place at the Czech racetrack in Brno, Zoran Poglajen and Mathias Lodi became champions.

The fifth race weekend, after the cancellation of the race at the Hungarian Pannoniaring, which was planned for the first weekend in October, was replaced by the one in Brno, which is best known for the MotoGP motorcycle series race. As part of the FIA-CEZ race, our boys competed in two races last weekend, 13-15 September 2013. The whole weekend took place in bad, cold weather. Zoran Poglajen, Jure Marinšek (both new Renault Clio Cup 5,5), Željko Čumurdžič with the previous generation Clio and David Šuster with the Alfa Romeo 2013i competed in the general with faster race cars on a very varied and technically demanding almost 2.0 km long racetrack. TS. Aleš Bužga, Tomaž Trček, Matthias Lodi, Klemen Popit, Andro Pertot, Luka Glazer and Metod Počkaj competed in the Fiat Grande Punti LEMA GP Cup.

Saturday's race, which took place in the rain, ended best for Zoran Poglajn in front of Jure Marinšek in the general classification. For the first time in his career, which was his only 13th race, David Šuster took an excellent third place. Unfortunately, Željko Čumurdžić and Luka Glazer ended the race in the sixth or fifth round. In the LEMA GP Cup, Matthias Lodi won in an exciting triathlon ahead of Alfred Kramer jr. and Tomaž Trček, followed by Aleš Bužga, Andro Pertot, Klemen Popit and Metod Počkaj.

Sunday's race took place on a dry track, but with light dew. Once again, Zoran Poglajen subdued the competition and finally confirmed the title of champion, followed by Željko Čumurdžić and again on the podium David Šuster. Unfortunately, Jure Marinšek resigned due to technical problems in the eighth round. In the LEMA GP Cup, Alfred Kramer jr. ahead of Matthias Lodi, who became champion. They were followed by Luka Glazer, Tomaž Trček, Aleš Bužga, Andro Pertot and Metod Počkaj. Unfortunately, Klemen Popit had to resign in the fifth round due to technical problems.

In the scoring of young drivers under 21, the champion was Tomaž Trček with 395 points, the second place was taken by Andro Pertot with 340 points, and the third by Jure Marinšek with 303 points.

On Saturday, another 2-hour inertia race took place and this time both crews Matej Sešel - Jaka Marinšek and Tomaž Trček - Jure Marinšek performed excellently. Both teams competed in the Renault Clio Cup. The aspiring youngsters Tomaž and Jure won with excellent, constant racing without mistakes, which is in the last years of Slovenian, circular-speed racing, without a doubt the greatest success within CEZ. With a bit of luck, Matej and Jaka missed the podium and finished the race in a thankless fourth place.

Both the director of KHD at the umbrella association AŠ2005, Drago Božič, as well as the organizer of the LEMA GP Cup, Mirko Marinšek, are satisfied with this season and are already making plans for the coming year 2014.
Scoring of KHD DP SLO 2013:
1. POGLAJEN Zoran, AK Lamko 945
2. LODI Matthias, LEMA Racing 731
3. TRČEK Tomaž Autosport Jason 664
4. SHUSTER David, AK Olympia 587
5. BUŽGA Aleš, AK Lamko 562
6. PERTOT Andro, LEMA Racing 555
7. POPIT Klemen, AMD SA 490
8. MARINŠEK Jure, LEMA Racing 452
9. ČUMURDŽIČ Željko, LEMA Racing 425
10. KRAMER Alfred jr., LEMA Racing 333
11. HERZOG Helmut, Herzog Motorsport 285
12. Andrej MAKAROVIC, V-Racing 112

Scoring LEMA GP 2013:
1. LODI Mathias, LEMA Racing 435
2. TRČEK Tomaž, Autosport Jason 386
3. PERTOT Andro, LEMA Racing 331
4. BUŽGA Aleš, AK Lamko 328
5. POPIT Klemen, AMD SA 265
6. KRAMER Alfred jr., LEMA Racing 200
7. MARINŠEK Jure, LEMA Racing 101
8. SHUSTER David, AK Olympia 96
9. Andrej MAKAROVIC, V-Racing 58


(Lema / Iztok Franko)

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