Police on the hunt for a speeding stuntman

police are looking for a stunt motorcyclist tunnel wick bishop bow
Author of the article: , published on May 29, 2018.

Kranj police officers are looking for the driver of the motorcycle, which is in front of the Sten tunnel in the municipality of Škofja Loka, instead of 60 vehicles as much as 146 km / h, and he passed the measuring point on the last wheel. The stuntman will earn a solid fine of 1200 euros and 18 penalty points for this feat, if found.

But for now, the road racer is still evading the deadline, as police officers are still collecting notices almost a week after the offense. However, they ask anyone who would recognize the motorcyclist in the photo to report the information to the number 113 or the anonymous telephone number 080 12 00.

The Kranj Police Department adds that such a ride is "the beginning of a tragic journey into the worst and most dangerous scenarios, the consequences of which are horrific." All motorcyclists are urged to test their racing virtues on racetracks and polygons, but not on roads where they endanger other road users by violating road traffic regulations.

Gorenjska police officers have been carrying out measurements on this part of the Škofja Loka bypass since March this year, and so far they have dealt with more than 200 speeding violations by 30 km / h.

Photos: PU Kranj

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