Pirelli into possible tire changes only after Bahrain

Paul Hembery
Author of the article: , published April 1, 2013

Formula One tire fitter Pirelli has faced a lot of criticism in recent weeks at the expense of their "black gold". Both teams also had to issue team orders at the end of the Malaysian race, where we saw quite a bit of disobedience, especially in the first ones, which garnered a lot of media pomp.

Anyway, Pirelli was very hit after the last race, and Red Bull and Mercedes even asked him to change the tires, but Pirelli's sporting boss Paul Hembery says: “I think we should be happy with the current situation. We got a lot of action, new strategic challenges, and thus a new factor that makes everything more interesting. In any case, it is difficult to draw conclusions for once, we may have to wait at least four races. "

Of course, Hembery also rejects criticism of Red Bull, who, according to him, is an isolated example in criticism of tires: “If everyone in paddock says the same thing, it’s completely different. In such a case, it is definitely necessary to do something different, to make some changes, but at the moment we are talking about an isolated case. Namely, Red Bull criticizes tires for something else and not for what is visible from the outside. We try to work well for all teams, but we should not dedicate ourselves to just one, because everyone else would turn against us. "

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