Pirelli: Red Bull and other teams in Baku did not follow our guidelines

Author of the article: , published on June 12, 2021.

Tire manufacturer Pirelli suspects that Red Bull and Aston Martin did not follow the tire pressure guidelines in the F1 race for the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan in Baku, according to the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport.

Max Verstappen was in the lead at the race when his tire burst at high speed. Similarly, a few laps had happened to Lance Stroll a few times earlier, and Pirella was blamed for the flat tire immediately after the race by the debris on the track, as Lewis Hamilton's tire was also allegedly cut. Pirelli later conducted a detailed analysis of the data, and although official results are not yet available, Gazzetta claims that it showed that several teams did not adhere to the prescribed tire pressures. The official results are expected to be known by the end of next week.

Verstappen said after the race that Pirelli was unlikely to admit to a problem with the design or manufacture of the tire, which, according to Italian colleagues, also happened. Pirelli has now also ruled out the possibility of injuries due to debris on the track, but incorrect tire pressures are to blame. Pirelli prescribed a pressure of 1.28 bar for the front tires and 1.31 for the rear tires. Later, the prescribed pressure was increased to 1.31 bar and 1.51 bar.

The team did not follow the new regulation or guidelines. The reason for this may lie in the fact that the lower pressure allows for better grip in corners, but also a higher risk of a tire explosion. Pirelli does not control tire pressures during the race, and Gazzetta is said to have obtained information from reliable sources. Nevertheless, official findings will have to wait.

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