Pirelli: Two seconds difference between rubber compounds

Author of the article: , published March 14, 2014.

Formula One tiremaker Pirelli of Italy claims that there is a difference of two seconds per lap between the hard and soft mix of tires used by racers this weekend in Australia.

At Albert Park, Pirelli offered yellow-labeled soft and white-labeled medium-hard tires, which, however, after the first two free practice sessions did not show any bubbling or crushing that annoyed racers last season.

“As far as we’ve seen so far, we can be happy with both the behavior of the tires as well as their wear of both compounds, which are brand new this year,” Pirelli sporting director Paul Hembery said after Friday’s practice.

“The medium-hard mixture wears very little, while the softer one wears a little more. The tires did not bubble or crumble, so there was less rubber residue on the track, thus achieving the set goal.

The new tire rules are clearly a step in the right direction, as spectators on the track saw more happening. ”

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