Pirelli was allowed two extraordinary tests

Author of the article: , published July 1, 2013.

Pirelli, an Italian tire manufacturer, has received permission from the International Automobile Federation to carry out two three-day tire tests after new tire problems emerged at the UK Grand Prix. Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that under pressure from teams and racers, he met with FIA President JEan Todt, with whom they agreed that Pirelli would be able to conduct even more testing.

“Pirelli said he would like to solve these tire problems, but that they can’t test because of all these limitations in the rules,” Ecclestone said. “I talked to Todt and he also told us to let them test. He allowed them two three-day tests, where they will be able to try to find solutions for next season, as well as this season. ” It is not known when the tests will be carried out, nor is it known whether Mercedes may miss any of these tests, as they have already conducted an illegal three-day test with Pirelli after the Spanish GP and thus, according to competitors and the sports public, gained an unfair advantage over others. teams.

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