Perez surprised at the criticism at his expense

Author of the article: , published April 19, 2013

Serigo Perez expressed surprise after a wave of criticism at the expense of his driving during the Kitjaska Grand Prix race. The Mexican is not and could not catch the right pace in Shanghai, and in addition, he had three incidents during the racing weekend, including an awkward accident on the import to the pits after Friday's free practice.

McLaren's boss, Martin Whitmarsh, was also critical of Perez, saying the young man could not be satisfied with his performance.

But the Mexican claimed in Bahrain that he did not feel any pressure, and expressed astonishment at the criticism, as in his opinion he did very well in the first two races. “At McLarn, everyone monitors how well you drive. During every training session and in every race, ”he said on Thursday. “I’m amazed that after three racing weekends, during which I drove two good ones where I made the most of the potential of the car, I hear so much negative criticism after just one bad weekend. This is probably normal for a team like McLaren, ”said Perez, who, as he says, is not moved by the criticism, as he is convinced that he will do even better at McLaren in the future.

“To be completely honest, I am not moved by the criticism. I am here to do my job and this weekend I will try to do my best, as well as the next sixteen. ”

The former Sauber racer claims that he understands Whitmarsh's calls for greater endurance, but this task does not seem easy to him in strategic battles in Formula One. “It’s hard to judge when you can be aggressive and when you can’t. When you’re racing on a different tactic and watching your tires, the worst thing that can happen to you is to be overtaken by someone on a different tactic who is two or three seconds faster than you. You are not fighting against such a racer, but you are fighting with someone else who is behind you. It's hard to find the right relationship, ”says Perez.

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