Perez attributes the blame to Raikkonen

Author of the article: , published on May 26, 2013.


Sergio Perez is convinced that a collision with Kimi Raikkonen would not have occurred if the Lotus racer had left him enough space. Perez tried to overtake Raikkonen in the fight for fifth place after he managed to overtake Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button in the same place with plenty of problems, but this time his attack did not work out and the two cars collided.

Raikkonen's rear left tire burst after the collision, so he had to go into the pits again, but later managed to break through to tenth place, and Perez had to resign a few laps later due to a brake failure. The Mexican believes the crash could have been wiped out if Raikkonen had left him room, just like Alonso and Button. “It was risky,” Perez admitted. “But in the same place I overtook Jenson and Fernando. In the same spot, Jenson overtook me back. After all, you have to leave enough space. If you look at the accident, I crashed into a wall at the entrance to the chicane. Kimi left me absolutely no space and there was nothing I could do to prevent the collision. If anyone could stop him, it's Kimi. It doesn't matter how aggressive you are if they don't leave you enough space, ”Perez is convinced.

Jenson Button gained by colliding between Perez and Raikkonen. The Briton finished the race in sixth place after Perez held Alonso slightly as he drove his race car off the track. "The end result is fine. We got some points, ”Button said. “It’s a shame we failed to bring both race cars to points. The achievement is positive, considering what kind of race car we had. We don't even know how fast we were, because the cars in front of us were so slow. ”

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