PENALTY POINTS of the 2020 season: VETTEL from villain to saint

Author of the article: , published on December 27, 2020.

From the villain to the saint: Sebastian Vettel has made a remarkable change on the track this season, at least as far as penalty points are concerned. Last year, the German would do this. "competition”Still won, but did not earn a single point this year.

It is at the top of the penalty points table this season Alex Albon, who lost his seat at Red Bull. The Briton of Thai roots was the only one to score seven points. V Silverstone (collision with Magnussen), Monza (ousting Grosjean), Sochi (wrong return to track) and Nürburgring (running with Kvjat). Otherwise I would reign at the top Lewis Hamiltonif the commissioners v Sochi we would not subsequently delete penalty points for testing starts in the wrong place. Thus, the current champion with six points occupied only another place, which he shares with a compatriot George Russell. Hamilton scored the first four points at the start of the season in Spielberg, because at first he did not slow down in the yellow flag phase, but later he collided with Albon.

In the 2019 season, Sebastian Vettel was still the villain of the Formula 1 caravan, this year he proved to be a saint.

His next points were also fuel for discussion. He got them in Monzawhen he drove into the pits, which, however, were due to the race car Magnussen closed. The accompanying punishment cost him the victory. George Russell however, he committed only two offenses this year, but concrete. Each time he got three points in Silverstone in Istanbulwhen he overlooked the double yellow flag. Apparently it was this year Great Britain the land of Formula 1 offenders. For in fourth place we find another Lando Norris, who collected five penalty points. It means all the racers are from The island occupied the first four places of this unpopular scale. As a result, the list of unpunished racers is significantly longer this year. If last year there were only two racers without sin, we have eight this year. Valtteri Bottas is at least at the top here, because without penalties, the Finn has already done last season.
In the first two places of this year's table of racers with the most penalty points, we find Alex Albon and Lewis Hamilton. Along with the racer, they got to know each other better at the introductory race of this season in Austria.

Also without a penalty point this year there are the following racers: Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), Max Verstappen (Redbull), Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri), Nicholas latifi (Williams), Nico Hulkenberg (RacingPoint), Pietro fittipaldi (Haas) and Jack aitken (Williams). The last three can boast only three, two and one race. Current penalty points they are transferred to the new season and mature exactly after one year. No racer is currently threatened with imprisonment, because only at twelve points the racer must watch the next race from the garage. However, racers need to be careful because of the season 2020 began late, so that the first points will fall only on in early July. It means after the tenth race of the 2021 season.          

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