Paranoid Argentines stoned the Top Gear team

Author of the article: , published on October 3, 2014.

The three hosts of the popular British car show Top Gear had to flee Argentina after the locals, due to provocative license plates on the cars they were driving, started throwing stones at them and insulting them.

The BBC confirmed that the show's hosts and crew had left Argentina, but denied speculation that the license plates, which hinted at a British-Argentine war for the Falkland Islands, were a deliberate provocation.

Passions are said to be aroused by the license plate H982 FKL, on a Porsche driven by Jeremy Clarkson. This is supposed to hint at the 1982 conflict in which Britain defeated Argentina. "The BBC leadership asked Jeremy Clarkson to behave nicely in Argentina, but he decided to install a provocative H982 FKL plate on his Porsche, which hints at a war for the Falklands," the journalists wrote in the Diario Jornada newspaper, although they were from the leadership. The BBC claimed that the labels were purely coincidental. “The producers of Top Gear have bought three cars for the upcoming show. The allegations that this car was chosen because of the registration plate or that this license plate was installed instead of the original one are unfounded. ”

What’s more, the Argentines claimed the two license plates were also on the other two cars. The number 269 on Richard Hammond's Mustang (we do not know by any logic, as 269 is not the same, nor similar to 255 op.p.) hints at 255 British soldiers who died during the aforementioned conflict, while the number 646 on Lotus James May was "suspiciously close" to the number 649, as many as there were victims on the Argentine side.

According to the British The Telegraph, Clarkson, Hammond and May allegedly left their cars at the side of the road near the place where the attack took place, and the police officers present were only told to leave the cars because they did not want additional problems and could burn them. if they so wish.


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