Pablo Simoncelli: I know someone who would love sprint racing

Author of the article: , published March 31, 2023.

Pablo Simoncelli, the father of Marco Simoncelli, gave his view on the new format of the race weekend after the premiere sprint race. Sam was very pleased with what he saw.

"It is a very interesting, atypical format whose purpose is to create a show for the spectators," he wrote in his blog after the race in Portimao.

"Every sport has to develop. I think this is a step in the right direction in the development of the MotoGP class, especially in terms of attracting new spectators. In this way, his attention is maintained throughout the weekend, as there is already more interest on Saturday."

"There are certainly things that can be improved, but the concept itself is very well designed."

Some racers loudly criticized such a format (mainly because of the greater aggressiveness of the other racers, which led to falls and injuries). Pablo, however, pointed out that his son, who was known for not being afraid of close battles on the track, would definitely love the sprint races.

"I liked the angry and tense duels in the sprint race. I know of someone who would also have a lot of fun in races like this.”

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