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Nika Štremfelj
Author of the article: , published on August 11, 2014.

Thus, behind us is this year's mountain speed race Lučine, where we had a lot of fun, as always, despite some mild sunburns. It is difficult to single out only one racer who impressed the most, as they all performed with passion, joy and for their own pleasure, as well as the pleasure of the spectators, risking their health, which reminded us of the overturning of Primož after last year's Slavko Zorman accident in Ilirska Bistrica. Tavčar, a (fairly) new dad, at the exit of the ninth bend, which fortunately ended only with rolled sheet metal.

You may have noticed stickers of your and our portal svet-hitrosti.com on some racing cars, for which I have to thank Aleš Žaklj (Yugo 45), Janez Bogataj (Renault Clio) and Igor Pokorn (VW Polo 75), who kindly resigned advertising space, where sponsorship stickers would otherwise belong (and I would also afford them).

In Lučine, I also tried my hand as a photographer for the first time, and when I came home I saw an offer in the style of one of the "fohar" amateur (quasi-professional) fellow photographers in the style of "dear racers, if you need photos, you can buy mine". angry.

I thought to myself, damn Tesla, there is no money in this sport anyway, most racers are financed out of their own pockets and without the help of sponsors go into the red so that someone who buys a slightly more expensive camera can get a journalistic accreditation. he avoids paying the entrance fee and follows the race for free, and then he wants to sell photos of himself to the racers! Of course he has every right, only the morality of doing so is questionable (given that we are talking about an impoverished sport that bloodily needs new spectators and not Formula One where millions spin and someone can make a living by selling photos of race cars and racers).

So I decided that all the pictures we took with the help of my better half would be available to racers and spectators completely free of charge, without the sometimes annoying watermarks with which some protect their photos as if they were worth their weight in gold. Let's say the topic: the hand washes the hand!

This will be our little drop in the sea of ​​Slovenian motorsport, and if the spectators share pictures, and thus attract new spectators, and if the racers share or otherwise use photos, and thus gain a sponsor, I will be very happy!


Photos: Nika Stremfelj / Svet-Hitrosti.com

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