Ostberg regrets the wasted opportunity

Author of the article: , published March 10, 2013.

Mads Ostberg is convinced that the rally in Mexico could have ended in second place if his Ford Fiesta hadn't let him down. The Norwegian had a lot of problems with the M-Sport race car in Mexico, as he was bothered by the clutch at first, and his efforts fell into the water when his alternator failed. “At the start of the first stage, I felt something was wrong with the clutch,” Ostberg said. “I couldn’t do it the way I should have. I drove for a while on the faster part, where it is not necessary to use the clutch, but when we got to the technical part, I needed it at the exit of the hairpins. All of a sudden, she gave up completely. We stopped on the road section, and checked to see if we might be able to fix the problem, but there was nothing we could do. Fortunately, we were able to continue.

We were driving through town when the alternator warning light came on. The tension dropped and after five minutes the car went off, ”explained Ostberg, who dropped out of the fight for the top places for the second time in a row due to technical problems. “I was very angry and very disappointed,” Ostberg explains. "Despite the difficulties, we approached Mikko (Hirvonen) and we were promised a good result," added the Norwegian.

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