Is HAMILTON playing poker for his last FATTY CONTRACT?

Author of the article: , published on December 30, 2020.

He won seven titles champion, 95 wins has already booked and 98 crate stood at the best starting point. Lewis Hamilton leads in most records Formula 1, is a superstar of the royal class of motorsport, which he still does not have contracts for the 2021 season.

According to the former Formula 1 racer Brand Webbra this is related to the planned budget ceiling, which also includes a limit on the salaries of racers. The background lies in the fact that the teams agreed on gradual savings. In 2021, they are expected to spend only more 145 million dollars, 2022 only 140 million and 2023 final 135 million. And in 2023 it will come into force as well the wage cap of racers. Then each team will have for both racers available only 30 million dollars. Until then, the teams are still allowed how much salary and premiums they will pay to their racers. However, already concluded contracts do not fall under the rules.

That Hamilton still does not have a contract for the 2021 season could be due to the fact that the concern is clearly not ready to meet him at an astronomical salary of 40 million euros per year.

And according to Brand Webbra, a former racer Red Bull Racing, this is the reason that Hamilton he still doesn’t have a contract for next season. “I think Lewis wants to sign the last big three-year contract and top up his bank account again,”Assumes the Australian in the podcast At the Controls. "Although team boss Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton understand each other perfectly, the planned pay cut could definitely be a big topic.And it fits that well Hamilton opposition to wage cuts, where he referred to the stars of the future. “I personally don't mind,He said British, but in the same breath he added concerns: “Why should future superstars, who can help a lot in this sport, be handicapped. It’s a sport where there are billions and racers should be rewarded for contributing to the sport’s reputation."

Hamilton’s solution in meeting the $ 40 million-a-year salary requirement could be new team co-owner Jim Ratcliffe (left), who would cover most of his compatriot’s salary with his company Ineos.

Hamilton happiness could now be called Sir Jim Ratcliffe. A Briton who is tough 18 billion, is recently back with its chemical concern Ineos kupil a third of Mercedes' Formula 1 team and thus also participates in the affairs of the team of world champions. In Ratcliffe he makes no secret of the fact that he wants to Hamilton keep on the team. “Lewis is certainly one of the three greatest racers of all time. Even though he’s already 35 years old, he’s still on top and I don’t see any sign of why that should change.”Foundations for contract extension are set and it is assumed that Ineos took over most of the salary he requested Hamilton and which should amount to 40 million euros per year. That would ultimately be in terms of leadership as well Mercedesa.    

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