Only the top ten teams to this year’s money

Author of the article: , published April 29, 2013


Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that only the top ten teams will be awarded this year. In the previous three seasons, the teams ranked lower than tenth place shared 7.66 million euros.

In 2010, three new teams entered Formula One, and it was then that Bernie Ecclestone and then-FIA President Max Mosley reached an agreement under which the aforementioned sum was shared by teams ranked outside the top ten of the season. But Concorde's last contract expired, and at the end of last season, the HRT team left the caravan, so Ecclestone decided that the eleventh-ranked team would no longer receive the award.

The tenth place among the constructors in this year's championship is occupied by the Marussia team, as Jules Bianchi with thirteenth place in Malaysia secured them a better position than Caterham.

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