At Pikes Peak with an unusual race car

Author of the article: , published on November 13, 2013.


Kris Antal will take part in the legendary Pikes Peak race next year with his prototype race car, which raises eyebrows among engineers around the world. Kris and his team of seven assistants worked on the shape of the car for two years, and the design, already made in a test version made of a tubular frame and covered with fiberglass, gave excellent results.

“I wanted to compete with this car two years ago, but I realized that the task will not be easy and that we will not finish it overnight. The car was not ready, and it makes no sense to compete in such a competition with a semi-finished product, ”explained Kris, who applied for the race in 2014 on November XNUMX, when they started collecting applications.

At first glance, the car looks more like a spaceship from the first parts of the Star Trek franchise, but the look is clearly misleading, as it is a product made of modern and exotic materials. “We are a small team, so we had to think and work creatively. The format was determined by a computer simulation based on technical parameters. Whether it’s ugly or not doesn’t matter here at all. Every element of the car is designed to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible, ”explained Antal.

“We made at least 150 computer models before we got to the current design. It has the lowest drag coefficient, while offering the most vacuum, ”added Antal, who, like any major race car designer, did not want to reveal his secrets. However, he claims that in terms of power and speed, his prototype is even closer to Formula One cars from 1980, adding that it is much lighter and thus even faster due to carbon fiber.

“Every time I race, I want to win. We still have to test the prototype car, but if we manage to assemble everything the way we want, we will bring a very solid car to the race. He will be fully capable of competing with the best of the best, as well as with factory projects, which is our highest goal, ”announced Kris.

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