Ogier wants to be replaced by Vettl

Author of the article: , published on June 6, 2013.

During the race weekend for the Monaco Grand Prix, Sebastien Ogier replaced the WRC Formula One car for a while. In addition, Ogier also drove in the Porsche Supercup in Monaco, and both Sebastien agreed that they could exchange the car once and test themselves in other areas as well.

Ogier's team in the WRC, Volkswagen Motorsport, will officially invite three-time world champion Vettl to a test with the Paul R WRC, and he expects a similar invitation from Red Bull: "Every racer would like to try a Formula One car, of course me. When I was sitting in the car, everything was very narrow, as he was ready for Vettl, who is a bit smaller than me. "

Of course, Ogier strives to be better prepared for the test of a Formula One car, so he wants to drive a Formula 3 car before that: “I have already ridden in lower categories of the Formula One type. Now I will first try to run a Formula 3 car test to better prepare for a Formula One car. ”Finally, Ogier added that he did not know where Vettel would drive, but that sand would definitely give him a better feel than asphalt.

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