Ogier leads in front of Ostberg

Author of the article: , published March 8, 2013.

Sebastien Ogier with VW Polo already secured a 0.3 second advantage over Mads Ostberg on Thursday, and he radically increased his lead. After the ninth speed test, he led with 18.9 seconds ahead of second-placed Mads Ostberg. Mikko Hirvonen climbed to third place, a good 27 seconds behind the leader.

Jari-Matti Latvala finished his performance today after 500 meters of the first test. The Finn ran over a rock and broke the front suspension, but he will still be able to rejoin the rally tomorrow, thanks to WRC2 rules. A similar pitch hit Chris Atkinson, who was able to continue the rally despite the damaged car. Evgeny Novikov lost about seven minutes to the sixth HP due to problems with the electronic control unit of the car. The mechanics then rectified the fault and Novikov began to break through from behind. After the ninth HP is in sixteenth place with 12 and a half minutes behind.


Times after 9th speed test:

Racer Hour    The difference
1. S. OGIER 1:24:00.8   0.0
2. Mr. OSTBERG 1:24:19.7   +18.9
3. Mr. HIRVONEN 1:24:27.9   +27.1
4. T. NEUVILLE 1:24:33.1   +32.3
5. D. DEAF 1:25:37.9   + 1: 37.1
6. N. AL-ATTIYAH 1:26:12.3   + 2: 11.5
7. K. BLOCK 1:27:06.6   + 3: 05.8
8. B. WAR 1:28:08.2   + 4: 07.4
9. M. PROCOPE 1:28:24.0   + 4: 23.2
10. Mr. KOSCIUSZKO 1:29:22.0   + 5: 21.2





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