OFFICIAL: The legendary Adrian Newey signs a contract with Ferrari for the 2025 season

Author of the article: , published April 1, 2024

In a remarkable move that has rocked the Formula 1 world, legendary designer Adrian Newey has today officially confirmed that he has signed a multi-year contract with Ferrari. After decades of loyalty to the Red Bull Racing team, Newey will now join the Italian team to co-create a new chapter in racing history.

Renowned for his brilliant racing car design and ground-breaking innovations, Newey is determined to bring his experience and knowledge to Ferrari's workshop. Rumors of a possible transfer had been circulating for some time, but the official confirmation shocked both Formula 1 fans and rival teams.

"I am very excited to join the Ferrari team," said Newey. "It is a privilege to work with such a famous team that has a rich heritage in the world of motorsport. I look forward to the challenges ahead and will work hard to achieve great things together.”

The news has sparked a wave of excitement among Ferrari fans, who are already eagerly anticipating what the upcoming 2025 season will bring. With the combination of Newey's design and Ferrari engineering, the team could be poised to take over the top of Formula 1.

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